What if that soccer ball Vladimir Putin gave to President Trump was covered in microscopic transmitters? And what if President Trump insisted on keeping the ball in a place of great honor in the Oval Office? R.J. Cutler and Blumhouse Television present THE OVAL OFFICE TAPES. Coming September 14.

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Blumhouse Television and Cutler Productions present THE OVAL OFFICE TAPES.

THE OVAL OFFICE TAPES is created by R.J. Cutler.

Executive Producers are Jason Blum, Scott Conroy, R.J. Cutler, Chris Dickie, Jeremy Gold, Mary Lisio, and Marci Wiseman.

Produced by Trevor Smith.

Written by Scott Conroy, R.J. Cutler, Mike Schneider and Lesley Hollingsworth.

Directed by R.J. Cutler.

Cast: Giovanni Adams, Mary Birdsong, Nicole Collins, Ian James Corlett, Chris Cox, Quinton Flynn, Sharon Houston, Melvin Jackson Jr., David Kaye, Bruce Locke, Brendan McCay, Scott McCord, Danielle Morrow, Jeff Rector, Richard Tatum, Jonathan Von Mering, Phillip Wilburn.

Casting Directors are Meg Morman and Sunday Boling.

Production Support by James Gelberg, Rob Hanley, Alexandria Nichols, Alexandra Perez, Alexandra Reed, Tess Ryan, and Chloe Sanders.

Legal by Al Wickers.

Theme music is “Connection” by King Tuff.

This podcast is distributed by Cadence13.

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